5th International Conference on Grammar & Text_ДО 15.02.2017

5th International Conference on Grammar & Text

Страна: Португалия


Город: Lisbon

Дедлайн: 15.02.2017


Даты: 28.01.17 — 30.06.17

Область наук: Филологические;


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Организаторы: GRATO


The International Conference on Grammar and Text (GRATO) is held, on a biannual basis, since 2009, by the ‘Grammar & Text’ research Group (from NOVA Linguistics Centre – Centro de Linguística da Universidade NOVA de Lisboa).

We are pleased to announce the 5th GRATO conference, which will be organized in 2007, around three main topics:

Grammar & Grammaticalization:

We invite the submission of papers addressing grammatical phenomena from various theoretical and methodological perspectives. We thus expect to promote the debate of both ‘grammar’ and/or ‘grammaticalization” topics which may enhance the study of natural languages’ forms and constructions.

Text & Textualization:

We invite the submission of papers that deal with ‘text’ as both a process and a product, aiming at the characterization of different manners of ‘making text’. The proposals should analyse text classes or specific texts, pointing out the connection between relevant contextual and linguistic aspects and showing the praxeological and gnoseological functioning related to language activity.

Discourse and Discursivity:

Papers are invited which deal with the concept of utterance as a linguistic-discursive unit, showing the relations between discourse, production conditions and social action, and emphasising the discursivity process as a permanent co-construction of forms and contents.

We hope to feature talks related to one of the above topics and also those which propose links between these topics.

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